Jenny C'est Quoi

Jenny C’est Quoi is the co-producer of Brooklyn’s Indie Girls Burlesque (where the audience suggests the theme!) and founding member of Storybook Burlesque. Hailing from below the Mason-Dixon, she has since performed throughout New York City and beyond. With a five-year improv comedy background and array of absurdist acts, Jenny lives up to her moniker, "The Sexy Non-Sequitur of Burlesque." Photo by Leland Bobbé

Shows participated in:
Storybook Burlesque Presents: Edgar Allan Poe, Tales of the Macabre (2012 - 13) Performer
Storybook Burlesque Presents: The Bible (2012 - 13) Performer
Bare. (2011 - 12) Performer
Bare. (2011 - 12) Performer
Hotsy Totsy Burlesque (2011 - 12) Performer
Naked Girls Reading (2011 - 12) Performer
Storybook Burlesque (2011 - 12) Performer