The Time Machine

Company: RadioTheatre
Directed by: Dan Bianchi

Blast off with the Drama Desk nominated Radiotheatre and their new live stage version of the most influential science fiction story of all time H.G.Wells THE TIME MACHINE! Complete with a great cast of storytellers, an elaborate soundscape, and an original orchestral score!
“IN SHORT, IF YOU LOVE WELLS, SCI-FI and HORROR genres, this dramatization will prove program your time machines and BLAST OFF for an evening!" Off Off Online
“STUNNING!” Sci Fi Channel
“Brings to mind Vincent Price and Victorian Era Full moons!” New York Times
“Spooky, Shocking, Horrific!” Time Out NY
“A Sound Extravaganza!” Variety
“Elegant and Vivid Storytelling”
“A Ton of Fun!” The Villager
“Dan Bianchi’s sound design is Marvelous!” The Village Voice
“Ominous, Eerie, Monster Movie sound effects!” Backstage
“Radiotheatre is a vibrant force for NYC stage shows!” Hy Reviews
“Creepy!” American Theatre Magazine
“Horrific! Evocative! Rousing! Engaging! Chilling!” Off Off Online
“A Sound Spectacular! A real Gem!” NYC.Com
“An evening of spine chilling, goose bump rising, fun filled entertainment!” Retrovision Media