The Haunting of 85 East 4 th Street

Company: RadioTheatre

WHO OR WHAT IS HAUNTING 85 EAST 4th STREET? Do you know that the building at 85 East 4th Street is considered to be one of the most haunted spots in all of NYC? Its terrible past includes murders, suicides, exorcisms and lots of spirits that refuse to stay buried.
It all began in 1882 when the original tenement collapsed killing 31 Italian immigrants. From then on, the ground itself was said to be cursed. When the current building was erected at the turn of the century, an exorcism was didn't work. After a night of terror, the priest left the priesthood. Within a year, the builder's son died falling down the long stair case...and the mother hanged herself in what is now the theater. The owner succumbed to madness and still haunts the place. He's only one of the many inhabitants who still reside there...

When the critically-acclaimed, award-winning RadioTheatre examined the building's bloody biography in 2004, the show sold out its entire run, received a slew of great reviews and was nominated for Best Performance Art and Best Sound Design. NOW, in an ALL NEW production, with a cast of story tellers, an original orchestral score and a plethora of sound effects, we invite you to return with us to the Kraine Theater to resurrect its restless ghosts. But, we warn you... don't come alone!

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RADIOTHEATRE is an award-winning PERFORMANCE GROUP that creates AUDIO THEATRE live on stage inspired by old time radio dramas, yet, does not seek to re create period radio programs, nor traditional plays. By combining 21st Century sound technology, uniquely written scripts, a cast of storytellers, original orchestral scores and a plethora of sound effects, Radiotheatre produces a new hybrid, environmental art form. Its content is also unique in that it draws its inspiration from pulp genres usually ignored by live theatre; ie, adventure, science fiction, horror, and crime. RADIOTHEATRE has been nominated Best Performance Group for five years in a row, has garnered over 13 nominations in various categories, has WON Best Music and Best Sound Design 2008 and is again nominated for two NY INNOVATIVE THEATRE AWARDS 2009. RADIOTHEATRE has produced 19 NYC shows in 5 years and currently runs SUNDAYS WITH POE now in its 9th month.