Season 7 (September 01, 2004 - August 31, 2005)
Written by: Suzanne Bachner
Directed by: Rick Vorndran

What if your dentist had ultimate power? Not just over your teeth ? but over you?

Written by: Joseph Langham

A stark comedy about a poor woman and two men selling roses in an abandoned park while the final war of mankind rages in the city around them. The past, the present and the future collide in the symphonic cacophony of war, breaking down the barriers of primal need, revealing the main and intangible point of this life we lead.

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman

A performance retrospective of stories from the Pumpkin Pie Show, featuring the work of actress Hanna Cheek.

Written by: Indira Etwaroo

Combining the stories of black women writers through chant, spoken word, dance, song, and theatrical ritual, The Collard Green is thought-provoking, raw and deeply honest, as we watch three women tear down barriers of isolation, stereotypical perpetuations, and build a world in which we all can flourish.

Written by: Gordon Cox
Directed by: Suzanne Agins

The Secret Narrative of the Phone Book is a romantic comedy that gets hijacked by a conspiracy thriller. It follows a sexy freedom fighter’s daring plan to corrupt a global media conglomerate by seducing two of its employees at the same time. It’s a tongue-in-cheek elegy for millennial paranoia that seriously questions the possibility of a genuine connection between human beings.

Written by: Brent Hartinger
Directed by: Bergin Michaels

Unable to accept his best friend Eric has committed suicide; eighteen year-old Allen begins to replay in his mind scenes from their past year together. Not certain if Eric is alive or dead, Allen searches the past, desperate to uncover the truth about the fate of his best friend Eric

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman
Directed by: Isaac Butler
Music by: Erik Sanko

Calamity at Richmond, Being a Narrative of the Affecting Circumstances Attending the Awful Conflagration of the Theatre in the City of Richmond, on the Night of Thursday, the 26th of December, 1811.