Written by: Joseph Langham

A stark comedy about a poor woman and two men selling roses in an abandoned park while the final war of mankind rages in the city around them. The past, the present and the future collide in the symphonic cacophony of war, breaking down the barriers of primal need, revealing the main and intangible point of this life we lead.
CRUX was first presented as a staged reading as part of Glasslight Theatre Company's Autumn Writes reading series. It had a subsequent reading for Horse Trade Theater Group's LAB series. Much of the material for the play was formed while working with the Glasslight Theatre Company's New York writers group.

Without this writer's group, the support of Glasslight, and the hours spent with Ms. deBessonet this play would not be the play that it is today. I am very thankful and indebted to all those involved. This play has definitely made for some interesting conversations. - Joseph Langham