Erik Sanko

Erik Sanko (composer) was the bassist for John Lurie's seminal jazz band The Lounge Lizards which toured all over the world, as well as currently being the front man of grammy award-nominated band Skeleton Key. His solo album, Past Imperfect, Present Tense was on the New York Times top 10 best albums for 2002. He is a marionette maker whose work has been shown around the city, as well as having played music with Yoko Ono and Suzanne Vega. Currently, he is on Ipecac records. “Erik Sanko is as brilliant as ever” Village Voice “Could be Paul McCartney’s depressive twin, with asimilar ear for tunes. One of the best albums of 2001” The New York Times “Good old-fashioned breakup songs. Sanko’s sense of how to hang a melody on a guitar part is unalloyed Beatles via XTC. Brilliantly balances sadness with artful, economic music” Time Out New York “It’s dreary, glum and deadly serious: the perfect prescription for pleasure.” Magnet “A memorable debut” Harp “A endearing slice of magic. There’s a gentle sorcery afoot here, which draws you in again and again” Pulse “Past Imperfect is at once consistent, lovely, creepy and unforgettable.” Object Magazine

Shows participated in:
Volume of Smoke (2004 - 05) Composer