St. Hanna the Patron Saint of the Pumpkin Pie Show

Written by: Clay McLeod Chapman

A performance retrospective of stories from the Pumpkin Pie Show, featuring the work of actress Hanna Cheek.
This show will include such favorites from the Pumpkin Pie's past as...

Vagina Dentata (from the PPS's "The Birds And The Bees): A mother pitches her last-ditch effort to save her son's virginity from the hormonal temptations of prom night.

Overbite (from the PPS's "Big Top"): The Iron Jaw, the circus's most alluring trapeze artist, shares her love woes with one of her suitors.

Half and Half (from the PPS's "Big Top"): A hermaphrodite lounge singer... What more could one ask for?

the Wheels on the Bus Go (from the PPS's "Rise Perverts, Rise!"): A deaf teenager shares her trials and tribulations from the back-seat of the bus on her daily ride to school.

President of the Fan Club (from the PPS's "Donation Plate"): A lonely housewife runs the fan club of her favorite serial killer, spearheading a campaign to get him off from death row.

PLUS the New Story The Suitors' Ward: An army nurse must combat the marriage proposals of over a dozen different wounded soldiers.