Drae Campbell

Drae Campbell has had an eclectic career as acomedian, rock singer, director, choreographer and actor. Drae has appeared on many stages and screensthe world over. She's even been seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. As a directorDrae has proudly created and developed several pieces including NERVE for theAmerican Living Room Fest. at HERE. Recently Drae received a space grantfrom the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) to develop and create a theater pieceshowcasing talent of women who are over the age of 60. Additionally, Drae wroteand starred in the short film YOU MOVE ME with Rebecca Drysdale. YOU MOVE ME won the Audience Award for Outstanding Narrative Short at OUTFEST, 2010, The Short Film Jury Award and Audience Award at the Austin International Gay andLesbian Film Fest. Drae is also a contestant in the famed NY 2010 Miss Lez Pageant. Find out more about Drae's work on www.nowcasting.com/draecampbell.

Shows participated in:
Beaches 2 (2011 - 12) Performer