Patrick Shearer

Patrick Shearer (Dazzelin) is an Artistic Associate with Nosedive Productions. Over the past six years, he's worked as an actor, director, sound designer, and associate producer all over the city. You may have seen him as The Therapist in "Suburban Peepshow", The Grog in "The Adventures of Nervous Boy", or Scrooge in "A Very Nosedive Xmas Carol". Perhaps you may have heard his soundscapes for The Vampire Cowboys' production of "Men of Steel", Isaac Butler's production of Dan Trujillo's "Talk Of The Walk-Up", or George Hunka's "In Public". Or you may have even caught his productions of Mac Rogers' "Trailers", "The Kiss of Blood" -- one of the original Grand Guignol horror plays by Jean Aragny and Francis Neilson for "The Blood Brothers Present...", a new experiment in theatrical horror -- or the pre-Fringe workshop reading of Silliman's and Lees', "Jonestown: The Musical". If you haven't caught any of these, it's no big whoop. He's in this show, too. He's the bald one. Thanks to Abe and Brian. (Special thanks to J.K., JRR, Naomi, Philip, Stephen, Ann, Clive, William, Neil and the various other authors who've kept me sane, happy, and full of wonder.)

Shows participated in:
The Magic of Mrs. Crowling (2006 - 07) Performer