Shelly Smith

Shelly Smith (Mrs. Crowling) Recently Shelly was seen in the original cast productions of Connecting Flight, The Golf Wars, She Returns & the brilliant new comedy Dating Grim. She was also seen at the Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts in DreamGirls under the Tony Award winning director, Ben Harney. Shelly loves spending time at FlickerLab, where she’s recorded a number of national children’s cartoons and educational DVD’s. Pride lies with her comedy team The Brothel, where she's had award winning productions @ The Chicago Improv Festival & Caroline's on Broadway. Shelly is honored to be working with this brilliant cast and crew on this truly magical production & thanks you for supporting this show. Love to KS & BS.;

Shows participated in:
The Magic of Mrs. Crowling (2006 - 07) Performer