Nasty Canasta

learned to read at 3 years old; the nudity came even earlier. An internationally-renowned neo-burlesque star and "The Girl With The 44-DD Brain," Nasty is the host and producer of Naked Girls Reading NYC; the impresario behind Sweet & Nasty Burlesque; the reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island; the real-world avatar of bio-mechanical beauty Kobayashi Maru; and the 2nd runner-up for Miss Exotic World 2010.

Shows participated in:
Naked Girls Reading (2011 - 12) Performer
The Wasabassco Hellfire Club (2011 - 12) Artistic Director
How the Pinch Stole Christmas (2009 - 10) Performer
Anita's Underground (2008 - 09) Performer
Anita's Underground (2007 - 08) Performer
The Evil Show (2006 - 07) Performer