Nelson Lugo

Nelson Lugo, a world class, award-winning entertainer, is a New York City based actor/magician, with over 15 years of performing experience. He first started performing magic when he was nine and a half years old, after receiving a Harry Blackstone Jr. Magic Kit for Christmas and he's been mystifying audiences young and old ever since. He apprenticed and studied the greatest Masters and Wizards of magic at the Magic Round Table in Orlando , Fl., and was lucky enough to have worked for the renowned Old Town Magic Co. He's performed all over North America in cities such as San Francisco, Winnipeg, Orlando, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto and of course New York City. Nelson's performance style combines classic magic with refreshing contemporary twist, an electrifying blend of modern theatricality and old school showmanship. His wit, charm and skill have earned him both critical acclaim as well as the respect of his magical brothers and sisters in the conjuring community.

Shows participated in:
The Evil Show (2006 - 07) Performer