Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

Company: DM Theatrics

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski is an extraordinary new work from filmmaker playwright Adam Bertocci which reimagines the cult classic motion picture as a Shakespearian farce, creating an amazing new work from the heightened language and surreal comic landscape of its inspirations.
Both immaculately crafted and riotously funny, this instant classic is brought to the New York stage by Horse Trade and the venerable DMTheatrics, one of the most imaginative and imitated of all downtown theater companies, and its founder, pop culture maven and acclaimed theatrical impresario Frank Cwiklik. This show is also the inagural production of DMT’s new American Shakespeare Factory, an exciting new project intended to present all of the Bard’s works in eclectic and innovative new productions, and to present new works exploring the connection between the great classical texts and the demands of modern theater.

When his beloved rug is micturated upon as a result of comically mistaken identity, layabout ruffian the Knave embarks on a journey of epic proportions, encountering manipulative aristocrats, seductive artists, murderous consorts, and the worst theater troupe in the world, all aided and abetted by his bombastic friend Sir Walter of Poland, against a backdrop of ninepins, taverns, and pipesmoking.

DMTHEATRICS was founded as Danse Macabre Theatrics in 1999 by producer/director Frank Cwiklik in New York City. DMTheatrics was launched with the express purpose of creating theater for audiences, not agents or academics, and for taking advantage of the immediacy and aggressiveness of live performance by creating immersive, emotionally engaging and spectacular theatrical pieces. By looking back to the classic forms of burlesque, vaudeville, cabaret, linear storytelling, and spectacle, DMT hopes to create new and exciting theater for the present and help usher in the future of performance with clean, direct, attractive works that excite, inspire, and most importantly, entertain.