Ardor Doody and In The Big Rock Candy Mountain

Directed by: Steven Gillenwater
Music by: Lucas Cantor

In a cold prison cell ... a hedge fund manager and his wife...
Ardor Doody
By Lucille Scott and Jesse Cameron Alick
Directed by Steven Gillenwater

In a cold prison cell, in an anonymous totalitarian country, two political prisoners debate guilt versus innocence, happiness versus productivity, honesty versus betrayal, art versus duty…while wearing big clown shoes and rubber noses. Ardor Doody is a satirical comedy about two circus clowns and one mime fighting the government the only way they know how - but which one will have the last laugh?

In The Big Rock Mountain
By Julia Holleman
Music by Lucas Cantor
Directed by Emma Givens

A hedge fund manager and his wife ride the rails in search of jobs, in a magical-realist world inspired by the classic song "Big Rock Candy Mountain". Cushioned from any real hardship by their wealth, they lament their fate while trying to avoid being interrogated the ineffectual and fawning SEC. A biting musical satire about the disproportionate emphasis on helping those who got us into this mess in the first place.

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