Poppy Cock

Directed by: Jeremy Mather

POPPYCOCK is a contemporary farce about the various ways we lie to people in order to prevent them from discovering how much we've been lying to ourselves.
At a remote bed & breakfast in the northeast, the owner, Fred, is frantically trying to avoid losing the house to his rival and former friend, Barney. When an eccentric family accidentally ends up stranded at the house for the night, Fred finds an unlikely ally in Poppy, a troubled but confident 25-year-old who has never left home and is eager to escape her controlling sister Hailey, and Hailey’s suspicious boyfriend Howard, both of whom seem to suddenly want a piece of the bed & breakfast for themselves. As Fred and Poppy form a sketchy partnership to assist each other, the house comes under constant threat from Barney, Hailey, Howard, an uncompromising building inspector, and Fred's mute assistant Claudia (who speaks only in a sign-language of her own invention), culminating in one hilarious night full of nonsense and poppycock.

NO TEA PRODUCTIONS exists as an outlet for creative expression, especially through original works, and to bring new voices to the independent theatre community. With each show the company strives to be funny and entertaining, but also to always present a larger truth.