Anita Cookie and Scott Rayow

Anita and Scott are reuniting after a prolonged and geographical separation. Long a staple of the Pinchbottom shows, they are renowned both as a duo and separately. Anita is a founding member of the Dangerous Curves Ahead traveling burlesque show, which has brought NY-Style burlesque around the continental United States, and even to Alaska. Scott has enjoyed performing since age eleven. Unfortunately, he's been performing since age four. Later in life, Scott finally discovered the one true reward of performing: getting paid. He went on to forge a commercial acting career, providing the voice for ads, promos, documentaries, and animation projects (many of which aren't technically porn), and loves selling excellent products and/or services to intelligent consumers... according to his agents. In his spare time, he patiently awaits the arrival of his growth-spurt, and is working on the biochemical equations to actually produce a silk purse from a sow's ear. Scott is a member of SAG-AFTRA and is signed with DBA.

Shows participated in:
Pinchbottom's You Only Pinch Twice (2012 - 13) Performer