Jonny Porkpie

Jonny Porkpie is the co-creator and producer of the acclaimed Pinchbottom Burlesque, named the "Best Burlesque" in NY by New York Magazine and The Village Voice. The self-proclaimed Burlesque Mayor of New York City, he is also a candidate for "actual" mayor of NYC, as well as creator and host of the international bump and grind gameshows Grab My Junk and The Naked Truth, which have appeared in 35 cities in 5 countries on 3 continents. He is the author of The Corpse Wore Pasties, winner of the first "Most Innovative" trophy awarded by the Burlesque Hall of Fame, a burlesque performer and host, and all-around fool.

Shows participated in:
Pinchbottom's You Only Pinch Twice (2012 - 13) Performer
How the Pinch Stole Christmas (2009 - 10) Performer