R. S. Buck

R. S. Buck is a freelance lighting designer, electrician, and stage manager who has recently moved to NYC. Since moving to the city, she has designed for the Estrogenius Festival, Puppet Divas, and Foxy Films. Favorite design credits include: NOCTURNE (Mortalle Coile) MOLLY SWEENEY, THE CHERRY ORCHARD (Delta Boys); GOODNIGHT MOON, IS VERY GOOD STORY..., THE DISPUTE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Hangar Theatre); DERKLOWNSCHPANKENEFFECT, ¬°ANARCHIST! (Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern); LIMBO (Josh Benjamin Productions). www.rsbuckdesigns.com

Shows participated in:
There's A Light On Yonder Mountain (2012 - 13) Lighting Designer