Ben Diersens

Ben Diersens (Danny Everett) is an actor/playwright from San Francisco and a graduate of Fordham University. New York Credits: A Keltic Cross (Playwright, Staged Reading at The Wild Project) Fordham Credits: The Crucible (dir. by James Presson) Go Down Into Silence (by Ariadne Blayde, dir. by James Presson), The Marriage of Figaro (dir. by Matthew Maguire), The Good Person of Szechwan (dir. by Elizabeth Margid) Sticks and Bones (dir. by Dan Durkin), Mrs. Packard (dir. by May Adrales). Ben is also writing the upcoming Less Than Rent production Beckett in Benghazi. Love and thanks, as always, to Mum, Dad (recent US citizen), Jack and Sam.

Shows participated in:
Words, Razors, and the Wounded Heart (2012 - 13) Performer