Little Lady

Directed by: John Turner
Music by: Yves Frulla

The transformation of Cirque Du Soleil and Celine Dion dancer to performer generated theater artist is mirrored in this dark, comic and at times grotesque fable about our modern day obsession with self- image. The exquisite movement skills of Lafond juxtaposed with the world of distortion and manipulation accentuates LITTLE LADY’s tormented and blissful metamorphosis.
LITTLE LADY is a 50 minutes one-woman show, a comedy created and performed by
Sandrine Lafond. It was inspired by her 10 years of life in Las Vegas. It has been performed 67 times in the United States and Canada in 2012. The show was awarded the “Favorite Festival Award” at the Frigid Festival in New York and the “Most Daring
Show Award” at the Fringe Festival in London (Canada). It was also “held over” in New York and “Best of Fest” in Ottawa. The show got raving reviews, amazing comments from the audiences and sold out shows. It is design to appeal to audiences of all ages. And with no text it can be appreciated in every countries.