The ABC's Guide to Getting Famous

Written by: Ming Peiffer
Directed by: Kat Yen

Part documentary and part solo show, The ABC's Guide To Getting Famous is a raw satire that investigates the real lives of Asian American artists trying to make it in the entertainment industry. Funny, heartbreaking, and, at times, downright offensive, this hybrid film and theater piece is an honest investigation of race in casting.
“What the FringeNYC Festival is all about, at its best. By intercutting a satirical solo performance with earnest documentary-style interviews, co-creators, writer Ming Peiffer and director Kat Yen, pack a solid double punch in their first FringeNYC show.”

“Any fan of New York theater, large or small, and anyone who enjoys pondering knotty questions should see this show. Ms Peiffer argues, convincingly, for a more inclusive culture created by minorities working together, a vision which is much more American than the system she is struggling against." The Local East Village

"Ming Peiffer and Kat Yen’s messy, brilliant new show...combines elements of documentary, anthropology, and old skool agit prop to represent the plight of the Asian-American actor in New York." Cultural Capital