Shocks and Cocks All Nude All Dude Revue and Shocks WITHOUT Cocks All Nude NO Dude Revue

First the infamous all nude, all-dude revue returns for the sixth time with your favorite cockteasers, new nudes, and very special guests including international shocksation Rose Wood. Then, the cock-less finally have their chance to put their full frontal freakiness on display when Shocks WITHOUT Cocks, the all-nude NO Dude revue hits the stage for the first time ever!
Never has so much imagination gone into leaving nothing to the imagination. Featuring performances by Jonny Porkpie, Hard Cory, Mat Knife, the legendary Rose Wood, Jenny Mincepie, Cheeky Lane, Dangrrr Doll, Nikki Knickers, pickup artist Clara Coquette, and more!

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