Recalled Dolls

Dark Carnival Burlesque presents you with a very special gift the day after Christmas. Come get what you really wanted to find under the tree...but didn’t.
These are the toys your parents warned you about...the Recalled Dolls that good little children mustn’t play with, but they want to play with you… Featuring performances by Kat Mon Dieu as the Porcelain Doll, Gothic Hangman and Lil Horn as the Ventriloquist and his Figure, Lilet St. Sunday as Articulated Doll, Viktor Devonne as Pierrot Doll, Cassandra Rosebeetle as Harlequin Doll, Faux Pas as Wind Up Doll, Bunny Buxomm as Marionette Doll, Kristen Lee as Blow-Up Doll, and Magic Max as Shibari Maestro.