Revealed Burlesque's Holiday Bonus

REVEALED is a burlesque show unlike any other. It is a seduction, a tease, an epiphany, a dare, a conspiracy of pleasure. Hosted by devilishly charming master of ceremonies Bastard Keith, each show stars pinup queen GiGi La Femme and a rotating ensemble of the most beloved burlesque performers in New York.
Fresh editions of Revealed feature new performer debuts, surprise guests from around the world and innovative performances representing the state of the art in risque entertainment. Come out and experience an evening of salacious striptease and skin, where the climax of each number leaves everything Revealed. This special edition showcase will feature delectable performances by The Girl Dreams Are Made Of GiGi La Femme, The Seductive Siren Harvest Moon, The Borg Queen of Burlesque Kobayashi Maru, The Shining Jewel Of Burlesque, Sapphire Jones, and in her Revealed debut, Cheekie Lane! Hosted by the charming and inebriated Bastard Keith and his Sensational Stage Kitten Sidekick, The Girl Who Fell To Earth, Madame Rosebud!
After the roaring success of last year’s Burlesque Blitz, the best burlesque producers in New York return to the Kraine for four nights of winter hotness! Recover from your stressful holiday season with sizzling hot performances courtesy of Bastard Keith, Meaner Harder Leather, The Sweet and Nasty Burlesque Mystery Hour, and a special holiday edition of Revealed!

Featuring the steaming hot talents of Bastard Keith, Cheeky Lane, Christopher Bousquet, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Gal Friday, GiGi La Femme, Go-Go Harder, Harvest Moon, Kobayashi Maru, Lacey Knickers, Madame Rosebud, Matthew Holtzclaw, Melody Sweets, Michael Johnson, Minnie Tonka, Misty Meaner, Mocha Lite, Ruby Valentine, Stormy Leather, Tigger! Victoria Privates, and more!