Based On A True Story: Sex Edition

Company: Wreckio Ensemble
Directed by: Christopher Bamonte

BASED ON A TRUE STORY is a performance series created by Wreckio Ensemble solely through letters, journal entries, and emails submitted by our audience. THE SEX EDITION is all about sex!

Wreckio is bringing back the one night stand that ends with sandpaper, the tale of a week’s worth of cross-gender sex, the Russian mail-order bride looking for love, and possibly your own dirty little secret.

WRECKIO ENSEMBLE produces original and innovative works on social issues through their developing movement technique. Wreckio integrates the body, mind, and voice in storytelling to stimulate thought, creating a symbiotic relationship between audience and ensemble.

“Best irony in an off-off Broadway theater.”
Darron Cardosa, Theatre Is Easy (Bail Out: The Musical)

“This is an extraordinary piece of work; go check it out.”
Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World (Rooftops)

“I believe these young artists show immense promise, and I believe they can make an important contribution to American theater.”
Richard Foreman

“With abundant physical humor and a generous social idea at its core, the Wreckio Ensemble proves itself more than a flush in the pan”
Helen Shaw

“Solid ensemble work…Their individual strengths maintain the integrity of the whole.”
Gregg Bellon,