The Drafts Fest: Pre-Existing Condition

The Drafts Fest is the collaborative effort of seven playwrights, seven directors, and ten multifaceted actors. Playwrights receive randomly compiled cast lists and create stories tailored to The Drafts and their invited Guests based on this year’s theme, Pre-Existing Condition.
Horse Trade Presents

The Drafts Fest:
Pre-Existing Condition

The Drafts are a non-equity ensemble of actors. The mission of The Drafts is to develop new plays. Like their Equine namesake, The Drafts are a group of versatile actors from largely varied backgrounds and experiences.

May 13-22
Thursday through Saturday
@ 7pm

Tickets: $15

Phases of Matter
written by Kelley Girod
Directed by Patrick Benton
Penny Pollack
Yesenia Tromp

written by Tom Diriwatcher
Directed by Tim Brownell
Laurabeth Breya
Michael Weatherbee

Change the Bee
written by Chris Kipiniak
Directed by Randi Rivera
Reynaldo Piniella
JB Rote

At Sleepies for the Rest of Your Life
written by Suzanne Dottino
Directed by Marybeth Smith
Nate Faust
Michael Weatherbee

Fireplace Poker
written by Paul David Young
Directed by Michael Rau
J. Stephen Brantley
Reynaldo Piniella

Turning the Glass Around
written by Pia Wilson
Heidi Grumelot
Nick Maccarone
Brittany Bellizeare

Crawl for It
written by Joshua Conkel
Directed by Chris Diercksen
JB Rote
Nate Faust