The Pumpkin Pie Show: Amber Alert

THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW AMBER ALERT offers five brand new, never performed before short stories ripped from the headlines by writer Clay McLeod Chapman each isolating that moment where innocence curdles into somethin much, much darker. High school wrestlers with contagious skin diseases, vaginal hymenoplasty, secret diaries from dead astronauts, chemical castration, and parent teachers conferences all within one show.
GLADIATORUM: A wrestler has been identified as the possible source of a skin herpes outbreak that prompted Minnesota high school officials to impose an eight-day suspension of wrestling competitions and contact practices. Associated Press, 2007
SIXTEEN AGAIN: ...(O)ne procedure, known as hymenoplasty, is performed primarily for the impression it will make on men. The surgery, which takes about 30 minutes, restores the hymen, the membrane that typically covers the vagina prior to first intercourse. The Washington Post, 2007
DIARY DEBRIS: Pages from an Israeli astronauts diary that survived the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia and a 37-mile fall to earth are going on display this weekend for the first time in Jerusalem. Associated Press, 2003
PARENT/TEACHER: At least 150 Florida teachers have been disciplined in the past three years after being accused of sexual conduct with student’s… female educators in particular. The Orlando Sentinel, 2008
DIMINISHING RETURNS: Based upon Candace Rondeaux's Can Castration Be a Solution for Sex Offenders? “The Washington Post, 2006

THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW Celebrating its second decade of performances, The Pumpkin Pie Show is a literary fist in the face. Part storytelling session, part boxing match, part shamanistic ritual, The Pumpkin Pie Show has established itself as an all-points artistic hodgepodge of theatre and literature. We pick and choose the essentials of each medium, channeling their rocking properties in order to create a more intimate relationship between performer and audience. We want to see the whites of our audience’s eyes. Certain basic rules that we’ve set up for all our shows are: No sets. No costumes. No nothing beyond the text and the performance itself. Our goal is to strip away those elements that we find extraneous to the tale being told, conjuring up an atmosphere of “creating something out of nothing,” as well as focusing on that ethereal connective tissue between the one telling the story and our audience. Packed with enough emotional intensity to feel like a rock concert rather than spinning a yarn, The Pumpkin Pie Show is pure bedtime stories for adults.