Shows playing at The Kraine Theater

The Kraine Theater
10:30 PM| $12.00

Join Surf Reality and Faceboy as we celebrate NYC’s counterculture and the downtown Art Stars. While Manhattan has been relentlessly transformed into a corporate strip mall these intrepid entertainers are the cultural vanguard that leads by example. We welcome you to come enjoy the nights of sex, comedy and eclectic music that are Radical Vaudeville.

The Kraine Theater
7:30 PM| $12.00
Company: Less Than Rent
Written by: Max Friedlich
Directed by: Patrick K. Dooley

White Girl Wasted is a stinging dissection of 21st century compulsions and American wunderkind culture. With this followup to his critically acclaimed Sleepover, playwright Max Friedlich cuts through the privilege and the betrayal and the madness and spills the truth all over your mom’s new rug.

The Kraine Theater
8:00 PM| $15.00

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! features NYC's funniest female comics and sassiest burlesque acts.

The Kraine Theater
9:00 PM| $40.00

It is with pleasure that we serve up to you our naughtiest and most revealing show: The Wasabassco Hellfire Club. It’s Wasabassco’s wildest, wickedest and most adult evening, curated to cater to the most sophisticated and lustful desires of a select group of curious and enlightened guests. The Kraine Theater is transformed into an intimate den of sinful decadence and mischievous delights, presented by Nasty Canasta and Stormy Leather and featuring an exquisite lineup of favorite Wasabassco performers crossing lines and revealing more than you’ve seen before - as always, with subservient assistance by Amanda Whip.