Comedy shows

UNDER St.Marks
7:00 PM| $18.00

Get Me a Guy is a hilarious and poignant new full length comedy about women who chase the wrong men who chase the wrong women, and what happens after they catch each other, or not. As a one act, it won Best Play at the New York International Midtown Theater Festival, and Outstanding Play Honorary Mention at the New York Short Play Festival.

UNDER St.Marks
9:00 PM| $10.00
Company: Peter DeGiglio

Imagine if Meet the Press had just crashed into the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The end result would be The Skinny with Peter DeGiglio, a comedy news talk show that tackles a new hot button sociopolitical issue each month; often ripped right from the headlines.

The Kraine Theater
8:00 PM| $15.00

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off! features NYC's funniest female comics and sassiest burlesque acts.

UNDER St.Marks
8:00 PM| $18.00

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Edna St. Vincent Millay host an evening of song, dance and comedy featuring The Courtship by Emily Edwards and Patrick Storck, On a Play Twice Seen by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Buddy, Can You Spare a Rhyme? by Mim Granahan, Henry-Anne by Josh Hartung and Aria da Capo by Edna St. Vincent Millay with musical performances by Nicole Lee Aiossa, Melissa Delancey, Josh Hartung and the Dysfunctional Vaudeville Band plus a tap dance by Gyda Arber.

UNDER St.Marks
9:00 PM| $8.00

This month features: The Flat Tires, We Are Thomasse and Special appearance from the Dump Cousins. Character Guest, Sharon Jamilkowski. And Stand Up Guest, Brendan McLaughlin.

UNDER St.Marks
10:30 PM| $10.00

Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret is Gotham’s Premiere Variety Show: Comedy, Music, Burlesque, Vaudeville, and More!

UNDER St.Marks
10:30 PM| $5.00
Company: Thank You, Robot

Summer Fridays is a showcase for independent and established improv teams.

UNDER St.Marks
7:00 PM| 8:30 PM| $7.00

18 improv teams will battle it out to win a cash prize and the title of Down Under Improv Champion! Round 1 will have 3 teams competing in 6 groups with 20-minute sets. The top 6 will be divided into two semi finals of three teams each. The top two teams will go head to head with a 30-minute set each in Sunday nights final show.