Horse Trade presents

The BTK Band


Second Monday of every month




The BTK Band is here tonight and BTK will Rock your fucking face off. Bring The Kids.

The BTK Band is NYC's hardest-drinking improvised storytelling rock band. Raconteurs regale the audience with true stories from their lives while music and lyrics are improvised to turn their stories into songs. As if Tom Waits and The Moth delivered a baby from the gaping maw of Chaos.

The Band

Peter Aguero (Lead Vocals) was born of the unholy union of Fatty & Skinny. He is nigh-indestructible and has a liver that is the size of a toddler. He implores you to Bring The Kids.

Rory Scholl (Lead Guitar) was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys with the 11th selection in the first round of the 1988 NFL Draft. After numerous arrests for drug possession, he left the team and helped to found The BTK Band.
Sen. Ian C Dunn (D-TN) (Rhythm Guitar) is a pervert and bartender, though not necessarily in that order.
Margot "The Grabber" Bercy (Percussion) regrets any and all actions performed under the influence of Maker's Mark.
Jeff "Cancerface" Scherer (Bass, Mandolin) had Cancer on his face. He cannot be killed by man of woman born. Jeff is old.
"Tiny Little" Jenna Brister (Drums) is from the Pacific Northwest. She may or may not have made out with Bigfoot. Her dad is a spy.
Leslie Goshko (Piano) has a germphobia. Unless she's drunk, in which case she'll lick just about anything.
"Young" Nelson Walters (Violin) lists among his childhood heroes the following: Izel Jenkins, Dickie Thon, and Randy Ready.
Sharon "fifi" Fogarty (1960 - 2008) was a founding member of The BTK Band. She passed away in 2008 during a flying lesson in hopes of getting her pilot's license. Sharon will always be in our hearts and we dedicate all performances in her honor.