Damien Gautier

Damien is originally from France where he has been passionate about theater and acting since a very young age. He studied acting in High School and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English from the university in Toulouse in 2009. He has been performing since 2008, first as an extra in a horror movie and subsequently acting in several student films in the United States. He has been a full-time student at HB Studio since 2010 where he is focused on scene study, technique, stage fencing and speech. He performed several shows for Bedlam, such as Nothing Personal, The Delirium Of Edgar Allan Poe, Grandpa Was a Bachelor, Alice , Measure For Measure and Border Sweet Border. He is also part of the improvisation group of Bedlam. Prior to joining Bedlam Ensemble, his most recent work was a TV student project at Art Institute, named 'Story Of A Girl', directed by Ain Berces. He will be featured soon in the movie 'Gay Gardens', directed by Marcelo Bendotti.

Shows participated in:
Naturally Delicious (2012 - 13) Performer