Denis Woychuk

A former judge and lawyer, Denis has written several musicals that have debuted in New York City, including Attorney for the Damned (2008), Mimi & Gustav In Love & Pirates (for children, 2010), and The Damned (co-writer, 2001). He is also the author of the memoir, Attorney for the Damned-A Lawyer’s Life with the Criminally Insane, the children’s books The Other Side of the Wall, and Pirates! He has written for The New York Times and has been anthologized in American Monsters-44 Rats, Blackhat, and Plutocrats (ed. Jack Newfield and Mark Jacobson). What makes him qualified to write a musical about a Jewish Gangster and the Russian Revolution? In his own words: “I’m from Brooklyn.”

Shows participated in:
Isaac Babel and the Gangster King (2012 - 13) Book-Lyrics-Music