Josh Hyman

Josh Hyman is a working stand-up comedian in New York City as well as a member of the Rising Sun Performance Company since 2005. He's been doing all sorts of improv, both long and short form, with Solar Powered Flashlight, the Hebrew School Dropouts, and now Sporknotes. He's most recently returned from his second tour with the National Theater for Children. Last summer he had his first starring role in the off-Broadway play, and independent film by the same name, "Trying To Get To The Moon" produced by the Interborough Repertory Theater and IceWater Pictures. Josh likes making people laugh with his unique sense of humor but if that doesn't work, he'll revert to tickle tortures. He likes to thank friends, family, bus drivers and Chinese food delivery guys for all their support. Lobado to Shayne.

Shows participated in:
Sporknotes (2008 - 09) Performer
Perceptions (2007 - 08) Performer