David Zwiers

(Costumes) David L. Zwiers has been designing and sewing costumes for Gracye Productions from the beginning, although he wasn’t supposed to. David began as an actor with the group and in a pinch, volunteered his talents, and we all know how that goes. He began sewing and designing out of necessity in rural Wisconsin for himself as a teenager in the 80’s and progressed to ballroom dance gowns, evening gowns, bridal gowns, and multitudes of everything else. Under the label DZYNZ, he has worked with Gracye Productions for 10 years and is ecstatic to do so. David also enjoys acting, singing, hair design, and walks on a nude beach, romantic dinners and anything to do with Gracye Productions! He’ll be returning to the stage after an absence of five years in Apple Core’s production of “As Is.”

Shows participated in:
Right Cross Rhapsody (2009 - 10) Costume Designer