Nick Benacerraf

Nick Benacerraf (Co-Founder, Production Dramaturg) is usually the person responsible for the scenery, but is dipping his pen in the dramaturgical ink for the first time with Three Sisters. What's a dramaturg? Glad you asked! Well, it's an outside eye who helps research and makes sure that there's continuity between all the various elements that make a play. If something doesn't make sense, it's at least partially my fault! But then again, does anything make complete sense? When not thinking himself into circles, Nick enjoys working with his many friends, including Pig Iron and Waterwell. He's a graduate of Wesleyan University, and currently attends CalArts, where he is getting an MFA in Scene Design and an MA in Aesthetics & Politics.

Shows participated in:
The Dark Heart of Meteorology (2009 - 10) Scenic Designer
The Three Sisters (2009 - 10) Production Dramaturg