Summer Shapiro

Creator/Performer – Physical Actor & Comedienne piro – Summer Shapiro has written, performed and produced three original physical comedy shows, touring to San Francisco, Hawaii and New York since 2008 and will be attending the NY Clown Theatre Festival for the third time in a row. In San Francisco, she premiered her original solo show In The Boudoir sharing the bill with Cirque Du Soleil veteran, John Gilkey. The show continued on to headline at the San Francisco WOW Festival, in 2009. Shapiro’s PANTS! The Best Show Ever, sold out in the 2008 New York and San Francisco Clown Theater Festival’s in 2008 and she was in a trapeze clown duo in Angry Gods and Lost Marbles showcasing at the Magic Theater in October, 2007. Shapiro was an assistant director and performer with The Medea Project: Theatre for Incarcerated Women, directed by Rhodessa Jones in 2006. Summer has trained, performed and taught her craft in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ireland. She holds a B.A. in acting from UCLA’s School of Theater and has performed on the streets of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Berlin.

Shows participated in:
Legs And All (2010 - 11) Performer