RunAround Sue

Often called "The Moving Violation" and "The Make it Happen Girl", RunAround Sue is the founder and Artistic Director of Sugar Shack Burlesque. Miss Sue has a background in performance and first appeared on the stage in a mother's day play presented by her kindergarten class. She played the little girl. She also spent many years developing the runaround part of herself through long and varied road trips during which she would say things like, "Can we stop by Memphis today?" and "How about we head North?" In 2008, she returned to Richmond Virginia where she was instrumental in shaping the current burlesque revival there. In 2010 RunAround Sue expanded her horizons with performances in London, Malta and France. Photo by Lane Benson

Shows participated in:
Naked Girls Reading (2011 - 12) Performer
Sugar Shack Burlesque (2006 - 07) Performer