Leal Vona

Leal Vona (Norman/Cast 2) isn’t paying attention right now:“What? Wait… I’m just finishing something up here. Almost got it…. Almost…. Ok,so, what? Crap. Hold on. There’s another thing I gotta take care of. Man, I tell you, they just don’t make things that last anymore. The Druids. Nowthere’s a group that knew how to make stuff. What’s that thing they made? Youknow the big thing with all the stones, in Englandor Scotlandor something. Maybe Wales? You know…. No, not the Pyramids. The stone thing. NOT the Pyramids. Sounds likehedges, but it’s not a hedge. Funny thing is, there’s not a lot of grass there.That’s irony, right? Oh it’s not? Coincidence? Right. That’s just acoincidence. So anyway, what was it you wanted to know? A bio? For what?Whatever, I don’t care. Put whatever you want.”

Shows participated in:
Last Supper (2009 - 10) Performer