Nicole Lee Aiossa

Nicole Lee Aiossa (Julie Marvis - Porcelain & Pink) is a singer, actor, dancer, director, producer, choreographer, artist, AD, SM, ASM, prop designer, prop master, Halloween enthusiast, costume mistress, secretary, deck hand, gamer, model, lighting assistant, child wrangler, housekeeper, cat sitter, rehearsal director, personal assistant, carnivore, theater teacher, dance teacher, singing teacher, temp, fashionista, voice coach, drama coach, movement coach,referee, make-up artist, hair-stylist, personal shopper,composer, guitarist, lyricist, chorister, soloist, principle, cover, lead, grant winner, and anything else you might pay her to do except wait tables. This is her first show with Dysfunctional Theater, and she thanks Rob Brown for being cute to her.

Shows participated in:
A Voluminous Evening of Brevity (2009 - 10) Performer