Crystal Franceschini

Crystal Franceschini is really mad she’s on the stage right now doing this show. She wishes she could be in the audience with you. She wants some popcorn. And a nap. But after the show. She’d like to watch it first. She hears it’s pretty good. She did some other shows, too. Like Hellcab. She thinks that was with these same people. That time she wanted some dumplings from next door. She also performed in NYC with The Shock Troupe and with the Phoenix Players. No good food, but plenty of naptime. She did a show in New Jersey you might have heard of: Romeo and Juliet. The character she played died. Which you might not expect in a play like that. She guesses she’ll see you later. Say hi. She likes that.

Shows participated in:
DeCADEnce (2006 - 07) Performer