Vedant Gokhale

Vedant is very excited to be working with the cast, director and production crew of Heartbreak. Most recently, Vedant has been seen in 13P's production of At Said , at PS 122. He as acted in several other plays including Merchant on Venice (Lark Play Development Center) and How I Killed My Roommate and Got Away With It (Producer's Club.) In addition, he recently completed the filming of an independent feature, entitled He's Such a Girl. As a founding member of the improv/sketch group, Monkeys in the Atrium, he as performed, written and directed sketches at various comedy clubs in New York and LA; including Gotham Comedy Club, The Comedy Store in LA, and Comedy Cellar in NY. He is happy to be cast as a vampire in Heartbreak... beats playing a friggin terrorist!

Shows participated in:
Heartbreak (2006 - 07) Performer