Mimi Jefferson

Mimi is truly thrilled to be working with Rising Sun on A’Spress. Favorite theater roles include Alice in Caryl Churchill’s Heart’s Desire, the Professor in The Green Dragon (nomination, Spotlight Award for Best Female Performance in a NY festival), Dina in Door of Hope, 8 characters in Decadence, and Yenta in Fiddler On The Roof. Oy! Film credits include My Brother’s War, Closure, Crossing The Line, The Closet Door, and Londinium. Thanks to Akia, Matthew, and Nicolette. This performance is dedicated to Adam Purvis, who is a rock star with integrity, talent, and smarts - and who wrote a piece that leaves me breathless. In other words, Adam, you suck! To everyone, keep the faith! We can make a world that cherishes the Jacks and the Benjis among us.

Shows participated in:
A'Spress (2007 - 08) Performer
DeCADEnce (2006 - 07) Performer