Nicolette Callaway

Nicolette Callaway is proud to be a member of both A’spress and Rising Sun. In performance, she likes to challenge and manipulate ideas concerning authenticity, loneliness and isolation. Her goal is to constantly and continuously produce (good) theater and to confront audiences with representations of our collective experiences and, ultimately, our humanity, no matter how wonderful or frightening. She’s written a couple of plays, too. You should read them. And she designs and directs stuff. Nicolette is also a member of Theatre of the Expendable and earned her B.A. from NYU (Interdisciplinary Studies: Gender & Sexuality focus). She is from Houston, TX, and if you come talk to her after the show (or anytime, really – she’s not aloof), you’ll discover that she doesn’t have an accent. Oh, yeah, she’s also excited about performing in Rising Sun’s winter cabaret, and “suggests” that you WILL see it.

Shows participated in:
A'Spress (2007 - 08) Performer
DeCADEnce (2006 - 07) Performer