Jason Vinoles

Jason Vinoles graduated from Boston Universitywhere he majored in Communications and earned his degree in Advertising andPublic Relations.  He was also captain of the Division I tennis teamand a proud member of the acting troupe Theater For Actors.
Jason was fortunate to be part of several productions during his tenure withTFA including the lead roles in: Hamlet (Hamlet), Charlie Brown (Charlie Brown)and "The Line That Picked up 1,000 Babes" (Nice Guy). Jason alsopreformed an original work at the Manhattan Repertory Theater called "RachelMust Die." He has also done several roles in independent film andtelevision and looks forward to continuing the pursuit of happiness! He mostrecently had the lead role in an HOLA theater company production at La Teatheater entitled,  "The Jedi Papi Chulo and the Power Pansa" andis very much looking forward to his first appearance with Rising Sun!

Shows participated in:
Encounters (2009 - 10) Performer