Little Lord

New York, NY
LITTLE LORD (a theater company) manipulates classic texts, pillages faulty nostalgias, and celebrates the homemade as a means to create vibrantly bawdy, offbeat, intelligent, queer, funny (and often musical) theater. Past worksinclude: a new adaptation of the musical-extravaganza-turned-recession-spectacular,BABES IN TOYLAND, starring David Greenspan as The Master Toymaker (OHIO Theatre's Ice Factory Festival 2009); the NYC premiere of Tennessee Williams’ skinky short play THE PRONOUN 'I' (Bushwick Starr 2010); (oh my god I am so) THIRST(y) - an offshoot of Eugene O'Neill's early melodrama on race and madness (Incubator Arts Project 2010 and The Chocolate Factory/Target Margin Theater 2009); BALABUSTAS (!), a queer yiddishkeit version of Aristophanes' raucous comedies (HERE Arts Center 2007); and THEBARBIE-STEIA: Curse of the House of Malibu, an absurdist take on Aeschylus' classic trilogy “The Oresteia” starring a chorus of Barbie dolls (OHIO Theatre2007).

Shows created:
JewQueen! (2011)